Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Heart is mightier than Reason

Does it take a lot to set your self free? From the sweet societal chains that boasts of binding humankind together? Is it a sin to be one with nature? Your nature as well as God’s? Will it be too demanding of one to set his self apart?

Societal ties no doubt have succeeded in its attempt to bind. Not bond. They have taken us away from the ground and set us somewhere higher in the air where it is so easy to drift. Drift away from the truth (Truth can’t be sacrosanct. The reader has the discretion to define truth. Sacrosanctity is rigid to me). The truth that you think is yours. The truth that can set you free. The truth that is free.

I was reading King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard and it struck me that why has truth always been portrayed as a most painfully difficult journey. Why can’t it be serene, soothing like falsity? (Again, great writers and philosophers have said truth always goes hard on you. Falsity and lies don’t. It’s easy to lie and get away. So they are not entirely wrong.)

In the pursuit of truth, great many souls have lost their lives, have suffered beyond measure. Be it the adventurers or our freedom fighters. And in every case, the truth has differed from person to person, nation to nation. That is exactly what I feel is freedom. The ability to just break free from rigidity. You may be tied down with a million chains, engulfing you like the deadly mouth of an anaconda. But you are free because you think free. No matter what truth is to you.

Every face that peeps out of the windows has a different truth. The face that smiles, the little eyes full of desire, the face with anticipation, the sorrowful ones, the pensive, the meaningless, the indifferent. Everyone has a truth, somewhere inside, deep within. Where the smile is the truth, the desire is the truth, the pensive is the truth, and sorrow is a truth. And this truth is nothing less than freedom. I see it. I feel it. I know it. And that too is the truth.

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